About US

Our story 

The idea was designed to allow customers to experience the diversity, range, and uniqueness of our product line, based on the strengths of WMK Collection. Buyers can fulfill their ideas and objectives with WMK Collection comprehensive creative concept, which ranges from Men’s, Women’s, and Children’s fashion fabrics to Home Textiles and home-ware. When it comes to garments materials, ready-to-wear lines, and exquisite accessories from our stores, we are the perfect retreat for ladies with a sense of aesthetics in their lives. WMK Collection is one of Pakistan’s best-equipped, most sophisticated, and finest ecommerce retailers. The development pattern is predicted to proceed for years to come due to the interface of observant and strategic administration, sensible policies, the maintenance of professionalism in operations, and a successful marketing approach.

Mission statement 

“WMK Collection  brand delivers a high-quality unique range of fashion accessories at affordable rates and at doorsteps for everyone”

When it comes to trends, WMK Collection transforms fashion and incorporates culture and values into its creations. Clothing that reflects your sense of style is our responsibility. Beauty is in hues and cuts that are both sophisticated and minimal while still being stunningly gorgeous. Because we care about our customers, we make sure that our items are of the highest quality. Irrespective of gender, we offer something that will appeal to everyone. Unstitched and stitched clothing lines are available for your convenience. You can choose between a wide variety of styles and designs that are constantly changing and showing up every season. 

Vision Statement

“WMK Collection Brand is trying to become a top seller in delivering trendy eastern apparel to the rest of the globe”

There is nothing quite like our dresses when it comes to their refinement and elegance. We’re inspired by you, therefore we design to make a positive difference in you. All that matters to us is that you’re happy. From strong shades to cool ones, all have been transformed into stunning beauty for you to wear and feel delighted in wearing. Trend-setters on the street, our clothes are meant to add a splash of color to your wardrobe. WMK Collection ability to elevate basic designs to the height of elegance and stylization is what makes it such a great brand to be dressed with. WMK Collection provides you a wide choice of options from which to choose and embrace your own manner, as well as the magical attractiveness that you desire. Personality enhancement and enchanting beauty are our goals. We believe that every lady wishes to appear her best and WMK Collection is the brand that can help you achieve this goal.

Values and Culture

Every day, we plan to develop clothing that is both traditional and stylish, appealing to shoppers of all types. More than once a week, news items are added to the store. Because fashion trends are constantly evolving, we strive to deliver high-quality products at a reasonable price. Through expansion into current and emerging areas, we hope to make high-quality fashion more affordable for local and international clients alike.

Quality product at the doorstep

It takes 7 working days for orders to be delivered inside Pakistan, and 14 working days for orders to be delivered outside of Pakistan. Deliveries are made via TCS, Call Courier, Leopard, and M&P throughout Pakistan. And DHL Courier Co. will handle all overseas orders. Our delivery person makes two attempts to transport a package to the location you indicate. You must make absolutely sure that you provide the correct address and postal code when you place an order. It will be delivered to WMK Collection headquarters after the second unsuccessful attempt, and you will receive a confirmation email. As soon as your order has been shipped, you will receive a Text message or email with a tracking number for your order. For local and international orders, you can check the order status on the websites of Call Courier, Leopard, M&P, and DHL. You can also copy and paste your tracking number to track your order. 

Order placement and safety

On the WHM website, just click on the product you want to order, choose the desired size/color, and then choose ‘add to cart. Your cart will be automatically updated. When you reach to the payment page, click the ‘continue to checkout’ option and enter all of your delivery information, including your mobile phone number and email address. After that, select your preferred payment method from the drop-down box and click the “Submit Order” button to confirm your order. WHM employs an automated email system that is quite exact. A confirmation message will be sent within a reasonable amount of time after you have properly placed your order. You’ll receive a copy of your order description along with your order number within that email. If you haven’t received an email, your order hasn’t been placed correctly. WMK Collection places a high priority on the safety of your credit card and personal information when you shop online with us, and we’ve taken all feasible steps to protect them. SSL encryption is used on all pages of our site that demand you to submit private information or credit card info. A padlock icon in your browser validates the reliability and authenticity of our website security, so search for it if you’re uncertain.