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Online bangles shopping in Pakistan has been made easier by Wmk Collection. It has everything that a woman can need under a single roof. It offers you a wide variety of fancy bangles, gold plated bangles, artificial bangles, chooriyan, multi colored bangles, silver bangles and what not. The styles are endless here. Wmk Collection guarantees you 100% quality. It is equipped with the latest bangles designs that you won’t get anywhere else. Having a 100% customer satisfaction rate really shows you how good bangles are sold here. Check out the huge collection of bangles available here and buy the one that you want.

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Bangles–An Important Traditional Piece Of Jewelry:

Bangles are circular bands worn around wrists and they come in different shapes, sizes and colors. Bangles are a special traditional ornament that eastern women love wearing. Being the most common jewelry item, it is widely worn by females of every age group on special occasions like Eid celebrations, wedding events, reception parties etc. Bangles have been there since centuries, bangles made from shells, gold, beads are excavated from archaeological sites so it shows that they are there from the early times.

Bangles In Eastern Countries:

Bangles, most commonly called chooriyan in eastern countries, are important for newly Wed brides as it is the sign of their wedding and holds cultural significance. Bangles are widely worn in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. Bangles are inseparable from the eastern culture and are loved a lot by women. Every woman has a separate dedicated corner for bangles. New bangles are added to the collection every once in a while because women wear them on every occasion.

What Are Bangles Made Of & Their Types?

Bangles are made with multiple types of materials like silver, gold, metal, glass, wood or even plastic. The most durable and valuable bangles are the bangles made from gold. Gold has a different level, it has its own elegance and charm. Glass bangles are the least durable ones because one crack and they are into pieces but that doesn’t stop them from looking good. Glass bangles are affordable and easily available everywhere and they make your wrist shimmery and beautiful.

Glass bangles are coated with glitters and have little tassels or ghungroo hanging around them that attracts young girls. There are also rubber bangles which are worn by youngsters and some plastic bangles are added to make it a trendy look.

Importance Of Bangles:

Bangles hold a cultural significance and are an important part of a woman’s life. They aren’t not only an ornament but also a sign of womanhood. Chooriyan in Pakistan are important traditionally and culturally. They enhance your look and provide a great charm to your personality. Chooriyan in Pakistan are also given as a gift to show love and compassion towards someone.

Different Styles Of Bangles/Chooriyan In Pakistan:

 There are tons of different styles and designs of bangles/chooriyan. Chooriyan in Pakistan are the same as chooriyan in any other Asian country. But that doesn’t mean they are limited to one design only. Check out different types of bangles below and know what’s best for you:

Gold Plated Bangles–The Most Important Piece Of Jewelry In The Weddings:

Gold Bangles or gold plated bangles are seen at weddings every time you attend one. A wedding isn’t completed without bangles. Gold being a valuable material has become important to be worn by brides. Gold has its own charm and looks very elegant so brides wear gold bangles at their weddings to keep the tradition alive. But as the world is changing, trends and traditions are changing too. Gold bangles come with a risk of being stolen. So, instead of wearing gold bangles at weddings people wear gold plated bangles and artificial bangles which don’t only look good but also carry no risk of being stolen. So, it has become a new tradition to wear artificial bangles or gold plated bangles on weddings.

If you have a wedding party coming up then you can buy gold plated bangles online in Pakistan at very affordable rates. Gold plated bangles in Pakistan are very easily available online and offline.

Silver Bangles – Relive Your Childhood Memories:

Silver bangles are the least expensive among other types. Silver bangles have many advantages like being lightweight, being affordable, have good appearance and don’t get damaged easily. Benefits don’t end here, silver bangles are said to have various health benefits too. Everyone has worn silver bangles in their childhood and they always brought so much joy. So it’s  time that you should add a pair of silver bangles in your collection and relive your childhood memories! Buy them online now at wmk collection.

Fancy Bangles – The Trendy Look:

Fancy bangles are mostly worn by young girls because girls love glittery, shimmery and shiny things. They love decorative stuff so much that they try to find extra decorations in everything. Fancy bangles are their top choice because they are decorated with glitters, tassels and are multi-colored. Multi colored bangles in Pakistan are seen almost everywhere. Little girls dress up on Eid and wear their fancy and multi-colored bangles which makes them look absolutely beautiful. These fancy bangles can be bought online on Wmk at affordable prices and endless styles.

Online Bangles Shopping In Pakistan At Wmk Collection:

Gone are the days when women would go out with their friends and buy chooriyan. Now all women buy chooriyan online because they get it delivered at home and it’s much easier to choose from an endless variety. Having more options is what women look for and online shopping does that nicely. You get loads and loads of variety and different styles on a single page. 

There are hundreds of websites in Pakistan that offer you limitless variety for jewelry but mostly aren’t of good quality. So what’s the point in buying from a random website that can’t even guarantee you a good quality product. Wmk Collection offering all these with 100% guaranteed quality and affordable rates. It is the only website in Pakistan that can actually give you what you asked for.