Add your products and reach out to potential customers directly.

WMK Collection staff manages a specialized online shopping marketplace in Pakistan. It is an attempt to provide our large internet users with an online shopping experience that includes easy navigation, product browsing, and price comparison on a single platform.

WMK Collection is a great place to sell your products.

You now have a wonderful chance to offer your items directly to internet potential consumers, whether you are a major retail brand/store or an individual seller. To sell items, brands and merchants can contact us by phone or email. WMK Collection is a marketplace or shopping search engine that allows online vendors to promote their items, best deals, and pricing. It does not sell or ship directly. Buyers have a variety of purchasing choices, including placing an order straight online or visiting a merchant’s physical location.

How Do I Add My Store or Products?

WMK Collection has a Seller Program for each of the three types of vendors listed below. You must first complete the form with information about your items and categories. Our Seller Support team will get back to you as soon as possible with all of the pertinent information.

Online Store Owner:

 If you currently manage an online shopping website, adding your items directly is simple. If you manage both a physical and an online business, it will be easier to contact us by phone or email.

Owner of Physical Store:

If you solely manage an offline/physical store, please contact us using the details provided. At WMK Collection, we create your online micro-store to make it easier for online buyers to locate your items and offers.

Why should you choose WMK Collection for your seller program?

  • Reach Customers around the World
  • Local Customer & Marketing Support
  • WMK Collection Handles Payments & Shipments 
  • Quick Payments Reconciliation

Using WMK Collection to promote your brand is simple and quick.

  • There’s no need to be concerned about product uploading.
  • Free marketing—our tools ensure that the relevant buyers see your items, and we also offer bespoke photographic services.